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the secret lots are called: Hidden Burrows (three lakes)(will take u to bigfoots house and if you make him your friend you can choose "move in with me" or something like that.) next one: Pagoda in the shadows(Takemizu)(will take you to see a wise old man P.S. you have to know how to bow or it is sorta pointless, bow to him then he will tell u the story of the dragon and then he will give you something to take and share the dragon story with others. last: Mysterious Hut(Twikkii Island) it will take u to see the which doctor and that is all i really know about that one. Easier way to find maps!: (Be in Takemizu and go to Takemizu Village) Go to, Luck Shrine, keep making wishes until it says "you will discover a long lost secret" the right after that go and dig and u will get a map.

How to know if it is a secret lot: when u go to the certain lot that the map is 4 you go to walk to lot or what ever, (have to have map in your inventory) and you will see a new place to go to, when u see that you should see some type of green icon next to it.

You have to dig up the maps so u click "search for treasure" and u will find a whole bunch of stuff.

(have to have: Sims 2 BonVoyage)

and if you make bigfoot a baked Alaska you get to have romantic relations with him.

(its a glitch)

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Q: Sims2 Bon Voyage What are Secret lots and how do you find them?
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Sims 2 bon voyage - Ninja?

You will find the Ninja in the lots in the far east. When you see him click on him and press learn to teleport. If you are skill full and get the answer right he will teach you.

In the Sims Bon Voyage in three lakes how do you talk to bigfoot?

if you go around the community lots, you'll eventually find him. When you do, left click him and communicate like he/she's a regular sim.

What is the secret society on the sims 2 university?

You can get into a society by befriending 3 members. There is a society on every campus. I know one, they dress in black and they have a lamba on their clothes, you can find them at community lots on campus!

How do you get to secret lots in the Sims 2 free time?

To get to a secret lot, first your Sim/s must have a Membership card to the secret lot. They must have at least 5 enthusiasm points in that hobby to receive it. Then, to go to the lot they must organise transport, and when you get to choose the destination, select Hobbies and any lots they can visit will be displayed. Hope this helps.

How do you get the secret lot in the Sims 2?

In Sims 2 University there is a secret lot for a secret group in the campus lots. You have to come across some of the members of this secret group and become friends with them. Eventually, you will become invited into the group and the lot. In Sims 2 Freetime, you have to achieve a certain level of any or each of the hobbies, I think it is around level 4 or 5, to gain membership into the secret lot for that particular hobby. If your level in that hobby drops below once you have gained membership to the secret lot, you could also lose the membership and not be allowed back into the lot until your enthusiasm for that hobby raises again. Or you could get to the secret lots by cheats.

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What community lot is the ninja on in sims2 bon voyage?

Ninjas will be at random lots in the Far East. (Asia)

How do you find bamboo sims2 castaway?

There is lots in the Jungles.

How do you download sims2 lots?

I Guess you go to the official sims site

What is the sims2 deluxe about?

sims2 deluxe it has nighlife and party stuff.It has lots stuff buy and dowtown.You can buy new for your sims after u made them

Where can you find cool apartment in Sims2 apartment life?

you could go to the,( but you have to log in) click on exchange lots. Then on the left side click keyword. Then where it saye view click newest. Then click enter. Then you can download a cool apartment that you like. Then go to the place where you downloaded the apartment and click instell.

What did Jacques Carter do during his voyage?

lots of stuff

Which is more fun sims2 or 3?

Trust me, definitely the Sims2.The better things about the Sims3:~ the graphics~ some new hairstyles, and some other stuff for creating your sim adding muscles, and changing the voice~ customize everything~ furniture can be on a cornerEverything else - sucks. You cannot go inside community lots, it is difficult to build houses. It is very very hard to move around your neighborhood and your sims. Hardly any of the Sims2 cheats work. You cannot create your own neighborhood. Everything about your neighborhood/community sucks. And yeah. I wasted my $50 birthday money on the Sims3, and I was so upset I did. Sims3 is HORRIBLE. Sims2 is the BEST. You can go to community lots(inside them), you can make your own community lots, making Sims has more choices of clothing and hairstyles, they have more expansion packs that include Apartment Life- to get apartments, Bon Voyage - to go on vacation Freetime - sports and an extra aspiration, Nightlife - a car, Open For Business- shops and better business, Seasons - seasons, Glamor Life - cool stuff, and sooo much more. (even thought I named alot. atleast half of what I own) Besides, it's cheaper. You can buy just the Sims2, or you can buy Sims2 Double Deluxe for only $20 bucks. It comes with Sims2 Night Life, and Sims2 Celebration stuff,Sims2 Night Life stuff=$20, and I think the Sims2 is about 30 dollars. I think. But Double Deluxe is only $19.99 total. (plus tax)Sims2 aaaaaaallllllll the way. Trust me. It's worth it. Best place to buy it is at Target and I think Best Buy has most of them. But Target does.

What supplies were needed on a ship to go on a voyage?

boobs, and lots of them

Who has a secret moshling?

lots of people

What is the key of secret of success?

Minions. You must have minions, lots and lots of them....

Sims 2 bon voyage - Ninja?

You will find the Ninja in the lots in the far east. When you see him click on him and press learn to teleport. If you are skill full and get the answer right he will teach you.

How do you get lots of sim money on sims2?

By either using a cheat or getting your Sim a job with lots of promotions (you get promotions by getting the skills you Sims needs for their job, and the right amount of friends that they need for their job too.)