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Haunter is a Pokemon that relies on special attack, so this isn't a good idea. Payback is a physical attack, so it's not a good idea to teach it to a Pokemon who has a higher special attack than attack.

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Q: Should you teach your haunter payback?
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What level does Haunter learn Payback at in Pokemon Platinum?

Haunter learns Payback at Level 28 in "Pokémon Platinum."

How do you get mespirit on Pokemon pearl?

Get a Haunter and teach it Scary Face. Give Haunter a Quick Claw and take him to Mersprit.

What level does haunter learn hypnosis on FireRed?

Technically, Gastly had Hypnosis at level 1 and by the time you catch it the move has been overwritten by moves Gastly learns at higher levels . So, you need to obtain a Heart Scale in the underground and take it to someone in Pastoria City, who will then be able to teach Haunter Hypnosis.

How do you you calculate payback without knowing how much was invested?

When considering, payback as in retribution, one should consider the consequences of said payback. One should also consider how the consequences of said payback will directly and indirectly effect all players. Never forget to figure into your calculations the possibility of a boomerang effect. Contemplate a plan "B" should payback not have the desired effects.

How do you beat magnetic in Pokemon Red?

You use a fighting type pokemon. I suggest a manaky?

Should you let your haunter evolve if haunter is cooler then Gengar?

yes. because it is good and Pokemon is very intersting. .

What level does hunter learn hypnoses?

Do you mean "Haunter"? Haunter should already know Hypnosis. If it doesn't, use a Heart Scale. This is not a wise comment, this is the answer.

What are the rules for payback for a friend?

Well, I wouldn't put it as "payback" but what you should do, is make better stronger friendships, and your friend will someday figure out what he/she did wrong later on.

How should your friend pay you back?

The same way you earned the payback.

Does haunter evolve to Gengar?

OF COURSE!! you'll need to trade an haunter to a friend, and haunter will evolve TO GENGAR

When does Haunter evolve in Pokmon Gold?

haunter has to be traded to evlove haunter evolve into gengar in level 42

What type is haunter?

Haunter is a ghost type Pokemon