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if i was u i would victory road email me 4 a battle

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Q: Should you catch Rhyhorn at Victory Road or Migrate a Rhyhorn?
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Should you catch rhyhorn in the Safari Zone in Emerald or Victory Road in Platinum?

Safari it evoles quicker

How do you get rhyhorn in Pokemon platinum?

You catch one on Victory Road.

How do you find rhydon Pokemon platinum?

Look in Victory Road, it is normally about Level 41 or so. You can look for it anywhere in Victory Road. You can also catch a rhyhorn and evolve it, you can catch rhyhorn in the grass patches just South from Veilstone City. normally at about level 24 or so. Hope this helps.

Where can you get rhydon in Pokemon platinum?

You can either go to victory road and catch it there or evolve a rhyhorn at lvl 42 Hope this helps :)

Where do you catch rhyhorn in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch a rhyhorn at the safari zone west of lilycove

Where to get rhyperior in platinium?

You can catch a rhyhorn on Victory road, the outside of Stark Mountain, route 214, and route 227. You can then evolve Rhyhorn at level 42 into Rhydon. To get Rhyperior you have to give the item "protector" to Rhydon and then trade him. Then you have Rhyperior.

Should you catch Rhyhorn in Hoenn or Sinnoh?

To tell you the truth it don't really matter

How do you catch ryperior?

u cannot catch rhypherior u have to catch a rhyhorn or a rhydon and then have to trade it

Were can you catch rhyhorn in Pokemon FireRed?

Safari Zone

Where do you catch a rydon with a pertecter on soul silver?

Rhydon's dont hold the Protecter. Rhyhorn's do. They are found in the Victory Road. If you are playing HeartGold you will run into alot of Donphan's first. On SoulSilver it's alot easier. Source's: and I caught a Rhyhorn myself it's a Rhyperior now.

Where do you catch rhydon in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot catch a Rhydon in Black and White. You have to catch a Rhyhorn and level it up to level 42. Rhyhorn is only available in Pokemon White in White Forest.

Where to catch rypearior on Pokemon diamond?

you cant catch a rhyperior, you have to trade a rhyhorn while holding a protector.