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Here's the code:

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4

18452A7D DDE55BCC Hope this works! NO MORE CODES FOR SHINY!!!

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Q: Shiny Pokemon cheat in Pokemon emerald?
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Pokemon emerald shiny cheat?

just get a gameshark and get the cheat on YOUTUBE or go to use walkthrough walls cheat behind day care and always Pokemon are shiny in the grass there.

How do you get Shiny Egg in Pokemon Emerald?

By using a cheat device, such as an action replay.

Cheat code for level100 shiny Deoxys with no-guard?

Is there a cheat code you can use to find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon emerald and how do you type in the code?

yes and you have to have an action replay

What is the easiest way to get a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

shiny Pokemon are rare Pokemon with a different colour there is a 1-80% chance that you will find one so there is no easy way to find one unless you cheat!>:)

What is the gameshark code to make your Pokemon shiny in Pokemon emerald?

Sorry, the cheat has been deleted because it does not work. It can sometimes corrupt all of your cheat data, and the game does not start.

What is the shiny cheat in Pokemon Platinum?

The shiny cheat is a cheat that makes every wild Pokemon shiny yay cheats ^.^ yeah it really works all my Pokemon are shiny too!

Is there a gameshark cheat for Pokemon emerald for all Pokemon in PC shiny?

No one has come up with one yet...but I'm still trying

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in emerald?

Get out you stupids! I'm better! You can't get a shiny Pokemon in emerald! Except for me! Hahahahahahaha!!

Can anyone make an action replay cheat that makes your Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl not shiny?

If you want your Pokemon to not be shiny then just delete the shiny cheat or turn it off. Then start the game and your Pokemon should be not shiny.

Is there a a gameshark code for Pokemon Emerald for shiny Pokemon in PC?

Yes, there is. I saw my friend using the cheat a few weeks ago when we both played Pokemon Emerald. Every single one of his Pokemon were shiny, and when I asked him how he did it he answered 'cheat'. But unfortunately... I don't know where to find the code... :( - it's quite easy to search up on Youtube or Google though! :D Good luck finding it!

Can you get a dark rayquassa in Pokemon emerald without a cheat?

Yes, u can only if its shiny!!!!(it's not called dark rayquaza) you'll get 1/8673 chances of getting a shiny rayquaza!!!