Sets of Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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some sets are black and white and heart gold and soul silver

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Q: Sets of Pokemon
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Where to find Pokemon dp tile sets?

if you need some tile sets go to

In your opinion what is the best party with move sets and EVs in Pokemon X This includes legendaries?

In my opinion, the best party with move sets and EVs in Pokemon X including the legendaries is the trade and using of cheat codes such as AR.

Is there anything that sets a Pokemon back a level in Pokemon emerald?

No, you can't set pokemon back a level unless, you're emulating and saved before it leveled up

What are packets in Pokemon?

If you mean Pokemon card packs than they are small packs of pokemon cards that come in boxes, sets or individuals. But if you are still wondering about What are Packets or Pokemon, there is unfortunately no such thing..... yet.

How do you unlock all the clothes sets C and D in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

you dont

When is the best time to transfer Pokemon from the DS to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

try for when they are all around the same level and you are satisfied with their move sets

In a Pokemon tcg Pokemon battle 09 can you use energys from previous sets?

I Think U Can I Honestly Think Of Course So.. Yeah Go Ahead

Where are the chambers in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness?

The purification chamber has sets in it the chamber is at the lab the place where you begin at.

What does prime mean on Pokemon cards?

A Pokemon 'Prime' is an extra powerful version of a pokemon. They are represented by a card with a jagged silver border, and were released in the later sets. They do not say 'prime' anywhere on the card, but that's the name for them.

What do the natures in pokemo Pokemon LeafGreen do?

Natures give your Pokemon stat changes and a personality has well not all natures change stats like Docile nature, personality just makes the Pokemon unique it also sets what kind of pokeblock or poffin the Pokemon likes.

Where can you find Terakion in Pokemon white?

It's in Victory Road. There are two sets of stairs go to the left set of stairs.

What Pokemon would go good in a team with arcanine tyranitar and salamance it is competitive team for Pokemon White?

You would need to explain move sets on the Pokemon, which game and is it competitive/non-competitive team before anyone could tell you.