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I know some codes. Pixel Chix Mini Golf Code-heart,circle,star,smile,music note

Monsterbaby(game) smile,heart,smile

Movie maker(to get more)-60,77,39,28,12,92

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what are some pixel chix tv codes?
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what's the secret code for pixel chix jammin hamster

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Q: Secret codes for the pixel chix game?
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What are the pixel chix secret codes?

Pixel Chixs are so good I only got mine today and i didn't take it out of my hands Me too, i got mines today go to the pixel cheat website than unlock codes! I know 1 of the codes for the baby game on the website to unlock the stars it's smileyface heart smiley face, that game is like Donkey Kong and the stars are like Mario starman

What is a Pixel Face code?

A pixel face code is a code to this game called pixel face, you can find the codes on CBBC, watch pixel face

How do you play bathroom game on pixel chix babysitter?

yes a code pixelchix babysitter

What are some secret codes for things to get at pixie hollow?

Secret Codes now serve no purpose as of the game's closing.

What are the secret codes for Harry Potter and the marauders map game?

The secret codes are: level5 & level6. :) (No capitals or gaps)

Secret codes to Dino Babies game?


How do you make a secret code?

if you made the game in the creation they well ask you do you want secret codes press yes then what are the codes write them thank you

How do you cheat on moshi monsters?

You can't. You can enter secret codes or MoPod codes, but they are part of the game.

Is Habbo a pixel game?

Yes, Habbo is a pixel game.

What are some secret codes to pixie hollow to get stuff I've already've done flower?

Secret Codes no longer serve a purpose as the game is closed.

Where do you get codes for stuff without being a member?

just type in the name of the game and ask for codes ex. - pixie hollow secret codes.

What is the secret code on Poptropica?

There are several secret codes you need for doing the game poptropica, however, there is no one super-secret code or anything.