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Sheva gives u the 9999999999999999999 when u ask


start chapter 5-1, get the 2 treasures there (One on the wall right behind you when you start and the one on the path to the left), then just quit and redo. Both treasures combined are worth 3k and it take less than 15 second

the best way i got money was to run through chapter 5 there is a ton of treasure if you do that 3 or 4 times you will be fine that's how i upgraded all my weapons

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Q: Resident evil 5 best way to get money?
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gameshark or hack

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Farm farm farm 3-1

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No. There is this room with infinite zombies. Kill Neptune there is a key. Then walk around in his tank. (AFTER YOU DRAIN THE WATER!!) It might glitch.

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