Quiet or motionless

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Still. Its Obious

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Q: Quiet or motionless
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Related questions

What is quiet or motionless?

a word for motionless or quiet is still.

What is the word for quite or motionless?

Quiet - Calme Motionless - Immobile

To be quiet or motionless?

Being still.

What is the word for quiet and motionless?

Another word for quiet or motionless could be silent or still.

What is a word 4 quiet or motionless?

still and silent

A word for quiet or motionless?


A five letter word that means quiet or motionless?

The word is still.

Ouiet or motionless?

Quietness refers to the absence of sound, while motionlessness refers to the lack of movement. Both can provide a sense of calm and stillness, allowing for relaxation and reflection.

On page 197 of occurrence at owl creek bridge why are the soldiers on the bridge motionless and quiet?

The soldiers on the bridge are motionless and quiet because Peyton is experiencing a vivid hallucination of escaping and reuniting with his family. In reality, he has been captured and is about to be hanged, leading to a surreal moment of stillness as his mind processes the impending events.

What is a good bible verse for quiet?

Many believers like this first part of verse 10 of Psalm 46:-Be still, and know that I am GodThe word still, while generally taken to mean "motionless' also means "silent", "quiet".for the actual word quiet, there is verse 30 of Psalm 107:-Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven.

How many syllables is motionless?

Motionless has three syllables: mo-tion-less.

What sentence can you use with the word motionless?

What type of sentence, or just a sentence in general? Here are a few examples of sentences with the word "motionless": The car was motionless in the driveway. The water in the ocean is motionless. A living person can not be completely motionless.