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dud here is some pubg triks

You need to be very efficient when it comes to looting.Ammunition.Share resources.

Use the best graphics settings

Headphones are a must.

Voice command presets on PUBG Mobile

In-game voice chat. ...

Third-person view.

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bat bota

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this video shows an amazing pubg glitch
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Sure! Here are some tips for playing PUBG Mobile:

Choose your landing spot wisely: When starting a match, select a location that is less crowded to avoid immediate confrontations and give yourself time to gear up.

Gather essential supplies: Always try to find a backpack, helmet, and armor as soon as possible. Also, make sure to collect enough ammunition, healing items, and grenades to sustain you throughout the game.

Prioritize weapons: Look for a combination of long-range and close-quarters weapons. A good loadout usually consists of an assault rifle or sniper rifle for long-range engagements and a shotgun or submachine gun for close-quarters combat.

Use headphones: Sound plays a crucial role in PUBG Mobile. Using headphones allows you to hear footsteps and other important audio cues, helping you detect nearby enemies and react quickly.

Utilize the mini-map: Pay attention to the mini-map to keep track of the safe zone's location, as well as the positions of your teammates and enemy gunfire.

Play strategically: Avoid running in the open, as it makes you an easy target. Instead, use cover, such as trees, buildings, or rocks, to your advantage. Move from cover to cover, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Communication is key: If you're playing in a squad, communicate with your teammates using voice chat or the in-game commands to coordinate your movements, share information, and work together effectively.

Practice recoil control: Mastering recoil control is essential for accurate shooting. Spend time in training mode to familiarize yourself with different weapon recoils and learn how to compensate for them.

Play the safe zone: Always be mindful of the shrinking safe zone. Move towards the safe zone early to avoid getting caught outside and taking unnecessary damage.

Learn from your mistakes: PUBG Mobile is a game of experience. Analyze your gameplay, identify your weaknesses, and learn from your mistakes to continuously improve your skills.

Remember, these tips can enhance your gameplay, but practice, experience, and adaptability are key to becoming a better PUBG Mobile player. Good luck and have fun!

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