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fighting types and mybe psychic your best bet is fighting though


Actually, Dark Pokemon are immune to Psychic types. They're weak against Fighting and Bug Types, and resist Dark and Ghost Types. =p Nice try though.

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Q: Pokemon what are dark types weak to?
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What type of Pokemon is natu weak against?

Natu is a Psychic and Flying type Pokemon it is weak against Electric types, Rock types, Ghost types and Dark types.

What is the weakness of dark type Pokemon?

Fighting types and Bug types. Certain dark Pokemon are also immune to electric types. _______________________________________________________________________ Dark Pokemon are immune to Psychic types. They're weak against Fighting and Bug Types, and resist Dark and Ghost Types.

What is supereffective against dark poke?

Dark-Type Pokemon are weak against: Fighting-Types Bug-Types

What type of Pokemon are weak and strong against dark types?

Weak: Psychic Strong: Fighting

What Pokemon are weak against psychic?

Psychic types are weak against dark and ghost But Pokemon like bronzor or brozong are weak against them because they are still types But a Pokemon like Gallade a Psychic-fighting type will be weak against dark ghost AND Flying types hope i helped

What is super effective on dark and poison type Pokemon?

Dark types are vulnerable to Bug and Fighting types (x2). They resist Dark,Ghost, and physcic type moves (x1/2).

What are psychic type Pokemon weak against in Pokemon sapphire?

Psychic Pokemon, as well as in any other Pokemon game are weak to the types; Bug, Dark, and Ghost. However, Psychic has no effect at all on Dark Pokemon.

What Pokemon type are weak agenst What type of Pokemon are weak to bug types?

If I understand your question correctly, Dark, Psychic, and Grass are weak against Bug.

Weakness of ghost type Pokemon?

Ghost-type Pokemon are weak against Ghost and Dark types.

What type of Pokemon are strong against physic Pokemon?

The three main Pokemon types that hold an advantage against psychic type Pokemon, are bug, ghost, and dark types. Ghost and Dark type Pokemon are usuallypreferredby trainers, usually due to their accuracy, and high critical moves, such as Night Slash. Odd enough, Dark type Pokemon are weak against bug types, while Ghosts are weak against Ghost and Dark types.

Are Fire-Type Pokemon strong against Dark-Type Pokemon?

No. Fire-Types are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Ice-Types, and Steel-Types. Dark-Types are weak against Bug-Types and Fighting-Types.

What is the dark weakness in Pokemon platinum?

Do you mean "what are Dark-types weak against?" Bug-type and Fighting-type moves will deal double damage to Dark-types.