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Give Kurt one of the Apricorns. Don't recall which one though...

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Q: Pokemon soul silver where to find friend ball?
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Where would you find ultra ball's in pokemon silver?

in the 8th gym city

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in soul silver?

Use A Master Ball Or Ultra Ball To Catch. But I Think It is Hard To Find Master Ball...:/

Where can you find a light ball in Pokemon Soul Silver?

when tou battle red on his pikachu has a light ball you have to use theft to get it.

How do you find Arceas in Pokemon soul silver?

You can't find him, unless you have a action-replay, or you can trade with a friend.

How do you get all the Pokemon on silver?

By finding and catching them with a type ofpoke ball .( or find a cheat but that's not right)

Where can you find the TM move shadow ball on Pokemon soul silver?

It is found in Ecruteak City Gym

Where do you find the mans friend on the ship in Pokemon silver?

he is in one of the rooms on the s s fast ship in bed

Where can you find a heavy ball in Pokemon silver?

get an apricorn(i cant remembered its color), give it to Kurt in Azalea Town/Johto, after 1 day it gives you a heavy ball.

Where is Mew in Pokemon Silver?

You can't find Mew in Pokemon Silver.

Where to find amphy in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Go west of blackthorn city and in your party have the following Pokemon - Gyarados , Nidoking , dragonite and todile and capture it with a heavy ball

Get steel Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

Yes you can obtain steel Pokemon to do that you need to find a steel type Pokemon like Skarmory then catch it with a poke ball other steel types are: Steelix, Scizor, Foretress.

How do you find the SecretPotion on Pokemon Silver?

there is not a secretpotion in Pokemon silver Daniel robertson