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After talking to the captain and the little girl, she will run off expecting you to come find her. I found her by leaving the Captains office, going down the ladder, and going straight down the hallway to the left and found her hiding in a corner on the far left wall. After approaching her she went back to her grandpa's room and the cruise was over after I talked to the grandpa again.

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Q: Pokemon soul silver ss aqua little girl?
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Can you be a girl on Pokemon Silver?

yes you can

Is silver f a boy or a girl from Pokemon?

Silver is a boy.

What Pokemon can you get by talking to the little girl in Pokemon diamond?

the little girl at valley windworks will eventually get you a drifloon lv.20

How do i get an EON MAIL in Pokemon Crystal?

By trading one from gold/silver and cloning it Dani (the girl Pokemon trainer on Pokemon crystal version) By trading one from gold/silver and cloning it Dani (the girl Pokemon trainer on Pokemon crystal version)

Where is the missing girl on the Fast SS aqua in Pokemon gold?

The girl should be next to the captain in the ship. She should be with him since the captain is "sea sick"

Where is the girl on the boat on Pokemon soul silver?

She is in the captain's quarters.

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Where is the copycat girl in Pokemon Silver?

She's in Saffron City in Kanto.

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What do you do after going to mt silver in Pokemon soul silver?

in saffron city there is a pink house and go up stairs and talk to the little girl. she says that she lost her stuffed Pokemon. then go to vermilion city and there is a house with 3 circles on the door. go in and talk to a fat guy. he gives you a stuffed Pokemon and then go back to the little girl and give her it. she gives you a pass and go to slimph. co there is a guy and talk to him and he gives you tells you to choose a green stone , red stone , or a blue stone and he will give you a Pokemon

Where is the kimono girl before you face the elite four in Pokemon soul silver?

in your but