Pokemon seafoam islands

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There r 2 sides of it... But take a surf from cinnabar or fuchsia and itz on rout 20...itz a small island cave... If u surf from fuchsia, you only hav access 2 the right side of the cave, if you surf from cinnabar, you only hav access to the left side. I dnt remembr but i tink u get articuno from there along with seel and dewgong.

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Q: Pokemon seafoam islands
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Where is Articuno in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the seafoam islands in kantobottom of seafoam island

How do you get to the orange islands in Pokemon HeartGold?

you mean seafoam islands the orange islands was exclusive to the anime. but the seafoam islands is south of pallet town.

Where is Articuno in Pokemon leafgreen?

On Seafoam Islands.

How do you get Articuno on Pokemon FireRed?

seafoam islands

Where is articono in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Seafoam Islands

Where is arcticuno in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Seafoam Islands.

In Pokemon Gold how to get Articuno?

seafoam islands

What legendary Pokemon are at seafoam islands in Pokemon heartgold?


Where do you go after Seafoam Islands on Pokemon fire red?

cinnabar islands

Seafare islands in Pokemon Blue?

its seafoam islands and its where you catch Articuno.

Where can you get a Articuno on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Articuno is somewhere in seafoam can find it in the seafoam islands from fuchisia NOT the island with POKEMON mansion

Why can't I fly to the entrance to seafoam islands on Pokemon fire red?

You can't because there is no Pokemon Center in Seafoam Ilands.