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same as saphhire u give it to the researher in a town it begins with s if u dont know that u r a pice of f in s

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Q: Pokemon ruby who do you give the meteorite?
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What to do with the meteorite in Pokemon ruby?

You can go back to the Professor in the town and give him the Meteorite. He'll give you a TM in exchange.

What is the use of the meteorite in Pokemon Ruby and Emerald?

Once you get the meteorite from Team Magma, take it to Prof. Cosmo in Fallarbor Town, he'll give you a TM for returning his meteorite

Where is the professor in verdanturf town in ruby to give him the meteorite?

up urs

How can you get bagon in Pokemon ruby?

it's found in a remote location hidden in meteorite falls.

What do you do next after you get the meteorite in Pokemon ruby?

you go to a house i fallabar town in that house you see pr.cosmo

What to do with the meteorite in Pokemon FireRed?

You give your meteorite yo some guy in a house on island two. First off, he will give you a quest to do something, and then once you are done, go to him again and he will accept the meteorite.

What do you do with the metiorite in Pokemon sappire?

You go to Fallarbor town and give the meteorite to the scientist

Who do you give the meteorite too in Pokemon sapphire?

Prof Cozmo in fallarbor town.

What will you do when you got the meteorite in Pokemon ruby?

You will go to Fallarbor town and go to the house south of the PokeCenter, you will find a proffessor who will trade it for a TM

Does Lannete give you an eevee in Pokemon ruby?


In Pokemon firered what do you do with the ruby?

give it to celio

What do you do after you deliver the meteorite in Pokemon Ruby?

i think u have to defeat the other gym leaders then find groudon then its the elite four but remember you have to find all the Pokemon after elite four