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It usually refers to the things that occur after you have defeated the Elite Four, seen how ever many Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex, and have gotten the National Dex. These things include getting the Poke Radar, Mass Oubursts of Pokemon (swarms), and unlocking the final island, which includes the Battle Tower.

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Q: Pokemon post national pokedex what does it mean?
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How do you post the national Pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

You can't unless you have actionreplay

Lucian's Pokemon Bronzong what moves does it know?

Lucian's Pokemon pre national pokedex Bronzong: psychic, Gyro ball, calm mind, Earthquake Lucian pokmeon post national pokedex Bronzong Lv 70 ( has the same moves)

What is the code for Pokemon soul silver to complete the pokedex?

There is none yet. if you have the code please edit this post.

How do you get the national poke'dex?

You have to beat the elite four and N and GhetsisNormally, the oldest games such as the second, and third Generation Pokemon games, (The first Generation games did not have a National Dex) you would need to complete the Regional Pokedex. This Pokedex is given to you at the start of the game and can be completed by at least seeing every Pokemon. If you are playing Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire, a National Dex can be rewarded post-end without even seeing every Pokemon.

Can somebody post the entire national Pokedex?

Type your answer here... It must be possible because everyone tells you to. Dont give up.

What in number 49 in the national pokedex?

Pokemon Number 80 is Slowbro Type:Water-Pyschic Ability:Oblivious/Own Tempo Height:5'3'' Weight:173.1 LBS

Pokemon Heart Gold USA Complete pokedex Ar Code?

Complete National pokedex (Select) I tested this code. It does work. 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 10025D90 00000167 D2000000 00000000 dont use this it makes u look like a ugly girl That is not the code I originally posted. I would re-post it, but I lost my AR, and my codes with it.

What is the code to get Pokemon from the mining museum on Pokemon pearl?

The guy under me is a retard. You can find the code at mate, the code does not exist! you do not need it! just get a fossil in your field bag (transfer from underground) and talk to the fossil maniac in the mining museum and he'll give you the Pokemon (you need a space in your lineup) that comes from the fossil. here's a list: Skull fossil-CRANIDOS (Diamond only) [pre-national dex] Armour fossil-SHIELDON (Pearl only)[pre-national dex] Dome fossil-KABUTO (post national dex) Helix fossil-OMANYTE (post national dex) Root fossil-LILEEP (post national dex) Claw fossil-ANORITH (post national dex) and Pokemon that come from other underground dug items: Old Amber-AERODACTYL (post national dex)

Where is the post hall of fame in pokemon heart gold?

if you mean post game after the league its in kanto sail east from newbark if you mean postings for hall of fame its on the p.c. good luck pokemon masters f.t.w.

Where can you get a fire stone in soul silver Where and who?

On certain days, you can buy it at the Pokeathlon Dome. It can also be found on the pokewalker on Warm Beach (post National Pokedex and 7,500 watts to unlock the route).

What are all of the main events you have to do in Pokemon fire red?

Battle all the gyms, defeat team rocket, complete the pokedex and defeat the elite four. Then post game is complete all 7 islands.

When was National Post created?

National Post was created in 1998.