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u could use it on sunflora or Roselia if have mor questions i think u should go to

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Q: Pokemon platinum which Pokemon do you use a sun stone on?
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How does rosalia evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

Roselia only evolves in Pokemon platinum, diamond, and pearl Roselia evolves into roserade if you use a sun stone on it

What can use a oval stone for on Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon that can use oval stone in Pokemon platinum is Happiny. It is the pre evolve form of chansey. Mostly every chansy you catch have a oval stone.

What Pokemon when you use a sun stone from a sun stone?

use it on sunkern

Where do you get a sun stone in Pokemon platinum version?

go to place with restaurant at lake valor use rock climb and use dowsing machine each time and you'll find a sun stone evenually!

How do you put the third stone in the pit in Pokemon platinum?

if you have a pokemon with strength use the move to push the stone into pit

What Pokemon can get water stone or sun stone on Pokemon ruby?

Sunkern and Gloom use a sun stone Lombre, Staryu, and Eevee use water stones.

Where can you find lefeon in Pokemon Platinum?

to get a leafeon in Pokemon platinum, you need to have an eevee and then at any lvl you have to use a leaf stone!

What is the purpose of the sun stone?

If you have a Pokemon that interacts with the Sun Stone, such as Vulpix or Sunkern, you can use the Sun Stone on them, and they will evolve.

How does togetic evolve into togekiss in Pokemon platinum?

Use a shiny stone!

When does Roselia evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

in order to evolve Roselia you have to use a sun stone on it You use a shiny stone, not a sun stone.

What Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum is 208 in the pokedex?

frosslass to get it get female snorunt and use dawn stone

What Pokemon evoles into Sunflora with a Sun Stone?

Sunkern evolves into Sunflora with the use of a Sun Stone.