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I don't know but I think is done and that means game over but it's just a guess so don't take my word so mush as a awnser ok. My friend (who I disagree with) says that it's like Pokemon ranger were you down load some more things to do. I tried that but.........nothin nada no mush any ok so just watch a vid on YouTube to find out like I'm going to do right now so I hope you like this ok see ya later

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Q: Pokemon platinum what do you do after beating Girantina?
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Can I REcapture Girantina On Pokemon Platinum?


Where do you get Girantina in Pokemon Platinum?

you get girantina in the different dimension in turn back cave

How do you get girantina in Pokemon HeartGold?

Trade it from platinum, diamond or pearl.

Is there new Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

yes there is some new Pokemon on plantinum. like girantina

How do you get past the distortion world in Pokemon platinum and get girantina?

Go look up a walkthrough in youtube.

How do you catch girantina in pokemon platinum?

In the distorion world If u defeat it, beat the pokemon leauge and, it will apper in Turnback cave.

Can you get girantina in Pokemon white?

Yes, but only through trading with Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, or Poke Transfer.

How do you catch garitenia on Pokemon platinum?

you catch girantina in story just keep a master ball and it will take you their

How do you get Rayquaza without beating the game on Pokemon Platinum?

You can't find rayquaza in pokemon platinum.

Is ditagia a Pokemon?

well sorry no but i said but there is a Pokemon called diaga in Pokemon diamond and in pearl thera is palkia but in platinum u can catch both and a girantina

List of Pokemon available on Pokemon Platinum but not on Pokemon Diamond?

there are 59 more Pokemon but i don't know which ones apart from palkia, girantina, rotom and shaymin sky forme.

When will Pokemon Platinum be out in the UK?

march 22 in ds 2009 even check the Pokemon offical on the girantina origine forme.its even on the UK