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migrating him from ruby or sapphire!

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Q: Pokemon platinum how to get zangoose?
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Can you get zangoose in Pokemon Platinum?

No you can't,you have to migrate it !

How do you catch a zangoose in Pokemon platinum?

you catch zangoose in route 208 after getting national pokedex

Can you find zangoose on Pokemon Platinum?

Zangoose is only available in Games: Ruby, and Sapphire. Sorry! But another way is to cheat it with an action replay code

Where do you catch a Zangoose on Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot not EDIT (Deannalea): Zangoose can only be obtained on Route 208 or Route 210 with GBA: Ruby inserted. Unfortunately. Check this site for all Pokemon questions, i use it daily! Seriously.

How do you get zangoose in Pokemon HeartGold?

The way you can get zangoose in Pokemon heartgold is in the safari zone.

How do you get a zangoose in Pokemon Sapphire?

Zangoose does not appear in Pokemon sapphire, but you CAN get it. To get it, you must trade Pokemon with your friend if your friend has Pokemon ruby which is the only game you can get zangoose in. Or you can just buy Pokemon ruby.

What level does zangoose evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

Zangoose does not evolve

How do you get Zangoose in Pokemon Emerald?

Zangoose is only found in Pokemon Ruby, which means you have to trade it from Ruby or from someone who has one.

Why is zangoose a good Pokemon?

it is fast

What are synonyms for mongoose?

Zangoose (pokemon)

What Pokemon evolves into zangoose?


What is the national pokedex number for Zangoose?

Zangoose is #335 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal type Pokemon.