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You need the HM Defog which is in the Safari Zone.

Then you need to teach it to a flying-type Pokemon on your team (it is a flying type move).

Keep this Pokemon in your party and you should be able to get past the grunts

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Q: Pokemon platinum how to get past the two galactic grunt people in Mt Coronet but they say that they need Pokemon with defog?
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Pokemon platinum how to get past the two galactic grunt people in Mt Coronet but they say that they need pokemno with defog and they say lets wait for the others?

you go to mt coronet

How do you open the doorway that lets you climb Mt Coronet in Pokemon Platinum?

go to velistone galactic building and free mespret uxie and azelf bye people

How do you get past the people in mt Coronet in platinum?

with powerful pokemon.

How do you pass the man blocking sunyshore city in Pokemon platinum?

im stuck on this too. people say you have to go to oreburgh city, enter mt. coronet and head to the top. they say there is a galactic grunt blocking the passageway that leads to the spear pillar. but i dont see a galactic grunt blocking the picture of pokemon.

How do you get pass floaroma city in Pokemon Platinum?

get the windworks key, go into valley windworks, and beat the galactic commander. all the galactic people will leave the area

How do you join team galactic on Pokemon platinum?

It is easy you enable walk through walls code and you go to galactic eternal building and talk to people.

How do you make the two team galactic people in mt coronet move?

first you need to beat the Pokemon league , then you go north of mt. ember and battle two rocket grunts

How do you get to the top of mtclairanet on Pokemon Platinum?

i would be more than happy to answer you first of all though it is called mtcornet and first enter the mt then start using rock climb every where you see to best place to enter is at hearthrome and then when you start seeing team glactic people you are on the right route good luck :) Pokemonanswermaster95 100% good answer rate !! galactic not team glactic and its not that easy and were is the adamant orb on the mt. POKEMON MASTER?!?

How can you get the magma stone in pokemon platinum?

You got to get to Stark Mountain first then blah blah blah you follow team galactic with a friend you battle some people of team galactic Mars and jupiter quit cause you beat them. and looker takes team galactic away and you leave and go back in when you get it Heatran wil come.

Where can you find moonstones on Pokemon platinum?

in caves, people, pokemon, the syour.

How do you talk with people on Pokemon platinum?

You face them and press A.

Is there a trainer with combee in Pokemon platinum?

about 7 people