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go to canalave city then talk to the sailor he will say where do you want to go a menu will pop up click on iron island hope this helps ~zack lemanski

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Q: Pokemon pearl how to get to iron island?
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Where you can get a magnet in Pokemon pearl?

iron island.

Where is Rilo on Pokemon pearl?

it is on iron island you get it in an egg you can get to iron island by a boat in canalave city

Where to find lumineon in Pokemon pearl?

fish at Iron Island

Pokemon pearl Shiny Stone?

End of Iron Island

Where do you get the shiny stone on Pokemon Pearl?

Iron Island B3F.

Where do you get mew 2?

On pearl, you get it on iron island after you have beaten the Pokemon legue.

Can you get a sableye on Pokemon pearl?

national Dex have sapphire in and iron island

Where can you find a shiny stone in any Pokemon games?

in Pokemon diamond and pearl, its in iron island

Can you get TM iron tail a second time in Pokemon pearl?

no you can't, the only time you can get it is in Iron Island

Where is riley on Pokemon Pearl?

riley is at the iron island if you go with him at the end he will give you a egg

How do you get an Aron in Pokemon Pearl?

You must get the national pokedex first then go to iron island

Where is Riley found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

In Iron Island. Get there by sailing from canalave city