Pokemon how to get the 2 gems?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First, you need to beat the Elite Four. Once that's done, go back to One Island and go to Mt. Ember. If you went there before beating the Elite Four, you saw that two Team Rocket Grunts were talking about digging into the mountain. When you return after beating the Elite Four, you'll see that the Grunts are gone, and a cave entrance has appeared. Go to end of the cavern and you'll find the Ruby. Getting the Sapphire is a bit tougher. Once you get to Six Island, go to the Ruin Valley south of town. In the center of the valley is a place called the Dotted Hole. To get inside, you have to use Cut on the entrance. Once you get to the back of the cave, you'll find the Sapphire, but before you can take it, a Rocket Scientist will come and take it to the Rocket Warehouse on Five Island. Go to the Warehouse and find the scientist. Defeat him and get the Sapphire from him. Take the gems back to Celio on One Island and he will upgrade his machine. You can now trade with the games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire!

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Q: Pokemon how to get the 2 gems?
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In a bag there are 32 green gems and 32 blue gems how many gems would you have to remove to ensure you got 2 different gems?


How do you get more gems on zoo story 2 without paying money?

You will have to earn some by doing changes sorry :( if you finish a change and you do not get gems there a other changes that will have gems

How do you get the gems for celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find every single Pokemon and then you go to her and then you ask twice and she will gve you three moon stones, five fire, and two sun.

Where are all of the gems in the gem hunt in webkinz?

well, with the webkinz gem hunt all of the gems are not in a set spot but there is a specific cave for each gem. here theyare: buried bones mine- -only place to find the webkinz diamond -all of the white gems -level 2 yellow gems(aurora rox and pyramid plunder) -level 3 green and blue gems muzzle mouth mine- -only place to find the ruby red heart -all the red gems -level 2 white gems(unicorn horn and yum zum sparcle) -level 3 yellow and blue gems barking mad mine- -only place to find the corona topaz -all of the yellow gems -level 2 blue gems(teardrop tower and sea stone) -level 3 red and green gems flea floater mine- -only place to find the earth emerald -all of the green gems -level 2 red gems(ember amber and volcano viscose) -level 3 yellow and white gems howling horse mine- -only place to find ocean sapphire -all of the blue gems -level 2 green gems(moss marble and cat's eye glint) -level 3 red and white gems and if you want the list of gems: red gems- -red ruby heart -ember amber -volcano viscose -flare fyca -torch treasure -lava lump blue gems- -ocean sapphire -teardrop tower -sea stone -rainbow flower -river ripple -aqua orb yellow gems- -corona topaz -aurora rox -pyramid plunder -starlight shimmer -lemon drop -carat eclipse green gems- -earth emerald -moss marble -cat's eye glint -jaded envy -pearl egg -terra tectonic white gems- -webkinz diamond -unicorn horn -yum zum sparcle -zingoz zincoz -booger nugget -goober glitter

You beat Pokemon league but you cant enter cerulan cave?

After you beat the league and get national pokedex by having 60 species of Pokemon go to celio on 1 island and get him the gems to fix his machine once the machine works the purple hair dude will leave, if you need help with finding the gems go to they have a great walkthrough. BRENDAN MILLER :^)

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How do you get gems in Pokemon diamond?

the underground

How do you get the gems that cello needs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you must catch 60 Pokemon

How tho get gems on Pokemon tcg online?

Gems weren't made yet but they didn't hide the bar

How do you buy gems in Pokemon trading card game online?

I think you get gems by playing Sableye's Gem Journey

Is there a secret to the Pokemon Black and White gems?

Not really. Sell them, or give them to Pokemon to hold.

What do you do on One Tow and Three Islands in Pokemon FireRed?

you get 2 gems which u give to a guy in the Pokemon center on island 1 then his machine starts working and then u can trade Pokemon in his special way!

Do you need the two gems in Pokemon LeafGreen to get Mewtwo?

No You don't.

Where are the gems located in Pokemon white?

swirly dust in caves.

In a bag there are 32 green gems and 32 blue gems how many gems would you have to remove to ensure you got 2 different gems?


How do you get 1500 gems in Dragon City?

it's easy too get 25 gems first finish one level combats and you won 6 gems, level up more and you receive 2 gems and won on tournament combats and you receive 2 gems, do it continually(3x) And you receive 30 gems I HOPE I CAN HELP YOU TO GET 30 GEMS MORE THAN 25 GEMS

Why do the legendary lake trio in Pokemon have gems on their heads and tails?

because they are the gems used for making the red chain by cyrus. see their entries in bulbapedia.

How can you trade from sapphire or emerald to Pokemon FireRed?

Yes you can but you have find the gems first .