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You have to teach a Pokemon Rock Smash and go to various places and there might be a chance of getting a Heart Scale or a Shard or something else, even a Fossil, but there is always the chance of a Pokemon Battle instead, and sometimes neither happens.

or you could go to the pokeathlethon and buy a heart scale from the girl at the farthest right. (not the girl right next to the sign up for com. and you) Then you talk to her, she asks if you want to have a prize exchange, you answer yes and on the first page you can see a heart scale, but you have to play the pokeathlethon enough times so you can get points. the heart scale is 1,000 points

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Q: Pokemon hgss how to get a heart scale?
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What is the HGSS Hex Value for a Heart Scale?

hg ss when you go to blackthorn city go to the house to the left and talk to him and he will teach you a move if you have a heart scale

Can you trade Pokemon Black and White Pokemon into Pokemon hgss?

No, because the data for the new Pokemon isn't in HGSS, so the programmers have to keep all Pokemon from being traded into HGSS. You can import your Pokemon from HGSS to Black and White, though, you just can't trade them back.

Where is the mushroom maniac in Pokemon HGSS?

there isn't one. instead, there's the move tutor house in blackthorn city, which takes heart scales. mushrooms in hgss have the same porpoise as nuggets.

What is Giovannis best Pokemon in Pokemon HGSS?


What is a heart scale used for on Pokemon Platinum?

you use it for the move maniac who reteaches your Pokemon a moves for one heart scale

Where do you get heart scale in Pokemon emerald?

to get a heart dive

Where can you get a heart scale in Pokemon soulhsilver?


Where do you get the heart scale in Pokemon Platinum?

if you get the Pokemon that the newspaper guy wants he will give you a heart scale and some rear poke balls

Where do you get dragon Pokemon in hgss?

dragons den

How do you get dilga on Pokemon?

You can't get it on pearl but you can get it in HGSS and diamond. For diamond, top of mt. cornett, for HGSS you have to have and arceus

What are the heart scale locations on Pokemon Ruby?

Catch a bunch of luvdisc they can hold heart scale.

Can you buy a heart scale in Pokemon sapphire?

catch a luvdisc, most of the time they will be holding a heart scale. fish for them. no, you can't buy a heart scale.