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There are a couple moves such as, sleep powder, grass whistle, sing, yawn, and one other move that I can't think of right now.

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Q: Pokemon attack puts the opponent to sleep?
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What does sleep powder do?

its a Pokemon attack that puts Pokemon to sleep

On Pokemon a move that puts the opponent to sleep?

sing that's it

What Pokemon grass move puts the opponent to sleep?

grass whistle

Where can you find any attack that puts any Pokemon into sleep in diamond?

you buy it at the sleep

Which attack makes enemy Pokemon to sleep in Pokemon black and white?

the move sing does. that's really the only move the puts enemy Pokemon to sleep. oh wait yawn also does.

Which TMs put Pokémon to sleep in Pokémon Silver?

AnswerWhile a number of TMs in Pokemon Silver take advantage of the Sleep status, only one move actually puts Pokemon to sleep. TM44 - Rest, when used by a Pokemon, will put the user Pokemon to sleep for a number of turns. No TMs available in Pokemon Silver will put your opponent to sleep.

What is a move that puts your opponent to sleep?

Sing Sleep Powder Rest Yawn Leaf Whistle

What does grasswhistle do?

It puts the opposing Pokemon to sleep.

What puts Pokemon to sleep?

the move hypnosis

What moves puts Pokemon to sleep?

sing grass wistle sleep powder

Which move puts the opponent to sleep?

There are many moves that can put an opponent to sleep, here are all of them known till today from Generation 1 - 4.: eat grits

A move that puts Pokemon to sleep?

Spore!!! the move is spore