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Let me guess, you are trying to level up Pokemon to take on the Elite Four, or you`re just trying to evolve a Pokemon like Dragonite, Salamence, Metagross, etc, right? hehe.

If you haven`t beaten the Elite Four yet, then first go to Solaeceon town, and look for Chansey to the north. The best time is morning/day I think. Keep checking the item slot until a Chansey you caught has a lucky egg. Right. Put the Lucy Egg on the Pokemon you want to train, put it first on the party slot and fly to veilstone town. Get on your bike, register the VS Seeker and go south. You will come across a Pokemon collector going up and down (you cant miss him). Get near him and use the VS Seeker until it works on him. Verse him. Or you can verse the lady next to him. She has 3 wormadams(or were they the pre-evolution?) which get above 1k exp each with lucky egg. The collector hs 6 Pokemon, each worth about 1.1k exp each with lucky egg. Be careful of Skorupi though, it can Knock Off your lucky egg and ruin the whole plan.

If you have, then go through the elite four again. If you feel like doing some touch screen work, put the training Pokemon first in the slot (trust me on this). When you encounter the first Pokemon, switch into a stronger Pokemon and beat it with the stronger Pokemon. When you KO it, switch into the weaker Pokemon with the lucky egg, then on the first turn switch into the stronger Pokemon. Repeat the procedure.

Or you can use the Exp Share. The same goes for Survival Area after you get/defeat Heatran and have access to rematches with Gym Leaders.

Then there is a day care, which is a horrible option for levelling 50`s up.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, you could try this: Does a friend have the game and he beat the elite 4? if so, do what I call POWER TRAINING. It works like this. Put the pokmeon in the front of the party holding a lucky egg, not Exp share. Then go through, and use strong moves suchas dragon claw that have alot of PP. If its dialga, dragon claw on weaklings, and roar of time on each member of elite 4+ cahnpions toughest Pokemon. Another way is rare candys, but they're called rare for a reason. If you have A.R. (which i assume you don't), you can steal high level/rare Pokemon, and use those, but you can also use exp cheat or 1 hit k.o. (if you use 1 hit k.o., only press it, don't hold, or the Pokemon turns invisible, and attacks you(health cheat will help here.).) Power training is a GO. It helps sooo much, i have these Pokemon

Empoleon lvl 99 (100 exp left to go, i lost my game)

Torterra level 100

Infernape lvl 100

SHINY Salmenace (gts) level 100

Dialga lvl 100

Shiny Regigigas level 54 (I got this the hour before i lost it)

Staraptor, level 101 ( No idea how that happened, it need 1,538 exp to level up)

Hope this helped, so have a friend(s) who beat the eliete 4 do this, because evetually the elite 4 get level 65-87 Pokemon. ( for champ's garchomp, i recommend Blizzard/Dragon Claw, or even Hydro CANNON if you somehow have it) If you play Roblox, add me! Purplemen101.

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Q: Pokemon Platinum tips on leveling Pokemon lv 50 up to level 55up when I have battled every person I can find in the game to get that far now I have nowhere else to do you level them up?
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