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talk to elder in celestic town (the chapions grandma) after beating elite4

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Q: Pokemon Pearl how to get Dialga on your pokedex?
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What Pokemon is number 149 in pearls pokedex?

Dialga is # 149 in the pearl pokedex

What is Pokemon number 149 on Sinnoh pokedex on pearl?

it is dialga

Where can you see Dialga in Pokemon pearl?

Dialga cannot be encountered in Pokemon Pearl, but you can have it entered into your Pokedex. You'll need to go to Celestic Town and go into the big house and talk to the elderly lady. She'll talk about Dialga and show you a picture of Dialga in a book; this will be recorded into your Pokedex.

How do you catch Dialga in Pokemon Pearl without AR?

You can either trade with a friend or request a Dialga in the GTS. It is impossible to capture Dialga in Pokemon Pearl without the Action Replay, but you can get the Pokedex data for it from Cynthia's grandmother in Celestic Town. This Pokedex data would make it possible for you to get Dialga via GTS.

How do you catch Dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't catch Dialga in Pokemon Pearl; however, you can see it. Go to Celestic Town, and go to the northern house. The woman inside shows you a picture of Dialga. This counts as being "seen" in your Pokedex. In Pokemon Diamond, it will be a picture of Palkia.

What Pokemon is number 149 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

In Diamond & Pearl's version of the Sinnoh Dex, Pokémon #149 is Dialga.

In Pokemon Pearl where do you find Dialga?

you do not find dialga in Pokemon pearl

Where can you find the Pokemon Dialga on Pokemon Pearl?

To get Dialga in your Pokedex, you must go back to the elder in Celestic town, and then she'll show you Dialga. You cannot capture Dialga in Pokemon Pearl, but you can get Dialga through wireless trade from a friend, or you can trade through the GTS (Global Trade Station), which uses your Wi-Fi connection to trade through the internet to get your Dialga, and virtually any other Pokemon you want.

Dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

no, dialga is in pokemon diamond. PALKIA is the one in pokemon pearl

What are all the legendary Pokemon in pearl other than the ones way at the bottom of the pokedex?

dialga palkia and manaphy

What Pokemon is 149 in the pokedex in pearl?

dragonite is in the national dex dialga is in the original dex

Is there an easy way to find Dialga in Pokemon pearl?

In Celestic Town, there is a house and in that house there is a book with Dialga in it. After reading this book Dialga gets added to your pokedex which means you can do wifi trades for it.