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1.Climb up in a bird nest!

2.Is there any nice feathers?

3.Pick some eggs if you haven´t eat breakfast yet!

4.Shoot the bird mom and bind her in your bed!

5.Congrats! Your a sick person!

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Here is the real way. all you have to do is beat team rocket at the radio tower in goldenrod city.

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Q: Pokemon HeartGold how to get rainbow feather?
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On Pokemon Heartgold what do you do after you get the rainbow feather from the radio director?

Save it for later

Where do you get the rainbow feather on HeartGold?

after you drive team rocket out of the radio tower

Are the gold feather and rainbow feather the same thing in Pokemon Gold?


How do you get the rainbow feather in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you get it in pewter town

Pokemon HeartGold where is the rainbow wing?

in goldenrod city

How do you get the rainbow feather in Pokemon Gold?

Well I'm guessing it's the same as Heartgold so first you must have beaten all the jhoto gym leaders but Clair. Then Defeat Team rocket at the goldenrod radio tower. Then the director will give you the rainbow feather. Same thing in Soulsilver but a silver wing.

What to do when you get to the top of bell tower in HeartGold?

if you have the rainbow feather, you can fight ho-oh, but if not, you have to go back down

Were do you find a rainbow feather in Pokemon heart gold 0or the colored feather which ever one is used to enter the building that ho-oh is in?

for heartgold after you beat Claire go to the dance studio with the komono girls, for soulsilver there is an old man in pewter city

Where do you get the rainbow feather in Pokemon blue team rescue?

Spinda gives you the Clear Feather, then go with Entei and he'll give you the red feather, then go with Raiku and he'll give you the Sunset Feather, At last go with Suicune and he'll give you the Rainbow feather.

How do you get passed the guy in bell tower in Pokemon HeartGold?

you show him the rainbow wing

What else do you need to have to get Ho-oh on Pokemon heartgold?

Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell

How do you you the rainbow wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

You first have to beat team rocket, then the Kimono girls