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Pokemon Emerald is unsupported for Visual Boy Advance Link. Have you managed to trade? I am guessing not as you are asking for cheats. Try and check out my Pokemon Emulation Guide.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-17 23:33:21
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Q: Pokemon Emerald for visual boy advance cheats?
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What are codes for emerald?

they are cheats that you type in to the game on visual boy advance for Pokemon on computer that help you to complete the game.

Can you use Pokemon Action replay cheats on visual boy advance?


What are some cheats for Pokemon Emerald for Visual Boy Advance?

Use Google to search for "Pokémon Emerald GameShark". EDIT: has lots. if you go to gameshark, then pokemon emerald, i(as an admin) added a section that has stuff to cheat with WITHOUT gameshark.

Pokemon emerald code for capture trainer Pokemon on visual boy advance?

3200 5287 8940

How do you get the game Pokemon Emerald on the computer?

Download visual boy advance, then Google game boy advance roms, and find the one for Pokemon emerald. search up VBA thts visual boy advance download then find a win.rar file for emerald and u must be able to have the program for this to work

How do you put in the gameshark cheats on Pokemon emerald?

You have to use a cheat supporting emulator if you are running your game on PC . Example: Visual Boy Advance or you can check for more info.

Can you get Pokemon Emerald on ds?

No... But you can get it on PC, by using a GBA Emulator (eg. Visual Boy Advance).

How do you open Pokemon emerald mod shop in the Visual Boy Advance?

L+A+Select L+A+Select

Is there any Pokemon game for PC?

yes there are...if you download visual boy advance....then all you have to do is to search in google the pokemon game you want in ROM 'pokemon emerald rom'download and open with visual boy advance..there are tautorials in youtube.ENJOY

Tell methe best emulator in which Pokemon emerald run?

Visual Boy Advance- go to for the ROM

Where you can find gameshark codes of Pokemon silver for visual boy advance?


What website has Pokemon Emerald online?

There are many Online Pokemon games on the net, but not Emerald... Just play it on your PC using an emulator (eg. Visual Boy Advance, where you can connect with players locally).

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