Passwords for run and jump game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The password for Level 5. is 7754, and for 10. is 0827, 15 3204 for 20. is 4531 25. is 7353 aged 9

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Q: Passwords for run and jump game?
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Password for level 15 run and jump game?

Run and Jump Passwords For Up To Level 15:Level 5: 7754Level 10: 0827Level 15: 3204

What are the passwords for run and jump game?

7754 - Level 50827 - Level 103204 - Level 154531 - Level 207353 - Level 25

Where are the passwords for Dino run?

:( can someone tell me were you typ in the dino run passwords :(

How do you beat the game run 2 level 17?

jump staraight then jump right the jump forward then right.

What is the mega jump code for the dino run game?


How do you run fast in cross fire the game?

You can double jump, which you can do by jumping a lot (run and jump, then jump right before you hit the ground. It takes practice but you go faster). Also run with the knife or pistol.

How do you jump in the game fancy pants?

Arrow keys. up= open door down=duck;crouch left=run to the left right=run to the right S key= jump

On wink the game where is the wind staff?

You have to jump on the second floating Ramp you see. shift (run) then jump helps alot with it

How do you play fastball?

To play fastball, you have to tap the screen to jump. And the object of the game is to jump over the objects. And do not run into any walls.

What is jump start?

If you mean the game, it is an online virtual world in 3D where kids rule! You can swim, run, jump and explore the world!

What is the flash game where you run and jump crumbling buildings that isn't called Dillinger?


What are the passwords for the game bap in teenbiz?

The passwords are: PENIS HOME BILLY and POOPY