PS3 jailbreak with droid X

Updated: 4/28/2022
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(Note: here PS3 takes a role of DLNA player but DLNA server, so it can play movies from Droid X in your digital home but can not stream Droid X videos to other players within DLNA protocols).

[b]Foxreal Droid X Video Converterwill be the perfect one to convert the recorded 3GP videos/movies to Droid X workable format H.264 AAC (*.mp4) or MPEG-4 AAC that also be acceptable by PS3 at super fast conversion speed without video/audio sync problems.

[b]Part 1: Convert Droid X videos/recordings for PS3 on your computer.[/b]

Step 1: Run Foxreal Droid X to PS3 converter and click Foxreal Video Converter Add to load the recorded 3GP movies and videos into it.

Step 2: Select video format for both Droid X and PS3 by clicking the "Format" to choose "Android - > Motorola Droid (X) H.264 Video (.mp4)" or "PSP/PS3 - > PS3 Video (720P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)". Both settings can keep the converted video files with high quality. Or, you can set the resolution you need after clicking "Settings".

Step 3: Convert Droid X 3GP movies to H.264/MPEG-4 AAC (*.mp4) for Droid X and PS3 by clicking Foxreal Video Converter Convert. Only several minutes, you will get the converted movie files. Then just connect Droid X to your PC via USB and [b]transfer movies to Droid X[/b] immediately.

[b]Part 2: Stream Droid X videos/movies to PS3 by connecting PS3 and DLNA on Droid X with a wireless connection.[/b]

(Notice: Before streaming Droid X videos to PS3 via DLNA, please make sure that the Droid X is connected to an active Wi-Fi network and has access to the PS3. And the PlayStation 3 should already be turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Droid X.)

Step 1: Turn on the PlayStation 3 and Droid X, and touch [b]Launcher icon - > DLNA[/b] on the Droid X. (If a message reminding to turn on Wi-Fi connection pops up, just touch Yes and go to the settings menu to turn on Wi-Fi.)

Step 2: Touch Share media under the DLNA screen and choose the media file ([b]videos, music or photos[/b]) you want to watch on the "My shared media" screen. Then touch OK. Actually you can also follow the instructions you see on the Droid X showing you how to make it.

Step 3: Within a short time, you can view a green DLNA logo in the status bar when your handset is transmitting successfully.

Step 4: Check your PS3 for Droid X and the folder files you wish to share with the PS3.

Only the above two parts, you can easily and fast stream and play Droid X 3GP videos on PS3 via DLNA in your HDTV or other digital home.

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Q: PS3 jailbreak with droid X
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When you jailbreak PS3 do you jailbreak PS3 or hard drive disk?

You jailbreak the firmware.

Is it possible to jailbreak a droid Eris?

It is possible to root / jailbreak the Droid Eris. You need to use a program like Unrevoked to root it.

Can you jailbreak one account on a ps3 and go online with another?

The PS3 account is not what you jailbreak. You must jailbreak the PS3 console

Should you trade your PS3 for a droid x?

i personally dont think so

Can you jailbreak your PS3?

Yes, for sure, as long as you buy a PS jailbreak or PS3 break.

Can you get a droid lock on your iphone?

jailbreak and download androidlockxt

What is the ps3 4.0 jailbreak password?

There is not a code like a cheat code for your PS3 Jailbreak

Is it illegal to jailbreak a PS3?

The reason behind the jailbreak is sometimes theft of software (PS3 Games) and that is illegal.

What droid is better the droid x or the droid incredible?

droid x

How do you jailbreak PS3 4.11?

The answer is... you cant. only a ps3 firmware 3.55 or below can be jailbroken all the videos or websites claiming they have a 4.x jailbreak are fake. Your best bet is buying a cheap ps3 off eBay, jailbreaking it,then data transfer what ever you did to your 4.11

Can you jailbreak a PS3?

You can Jailbreak a ps3 using software on a flash drive that costs around $150, OR if you have a phone that has android operating system, you can paste the link below into your address bar to learn to jailbreak it for FREE!!! Note: This works for ALL android phones. Even though the article specifies nexus one and HTC desire. I used the Droid-X. Note Again: you WILL NEED to unzip the package with winzip, 7zip, or other unzip software for ".zip" extension. Also Note: Your android phone MUST BE ROOTED.

How do you jailbreak your PS3?

You can Jailbreak a ps3 using software on a flash drive that costs around $150, use an android phone.