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woozworld- cartoon, make your own character have fun explore! - no download

fantage world- make your character and fly around and chat.- no download

smeet- 3d world, make ur avatar, and have a family, and chat- download required

club cooee- cool 3d game create your own avatar go to parties and explore.- d.r 3d world for teens 18 and older. - nd

freesia city- cartoon game walk around and play and decorate your room-n.d

planet cazemo - cartoon world explore - n.d.

movie star planet- cartoon be a movie star and explore - n.d.

wizard 101.- fight monsters and battle make ur avatar - d.r.

moshi monsters- create your adorable pet and play - n.d

neopets- create your pet and explore!- n.d.

Club Penguin - create ur penguin and chat - n.d.

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Q: Online games where you can make your own avatar and chat with your friends no download?
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Any avatar games where you can dress up your avatar and walk around and make friends?

Second life.

What can you do on Xbox 360?

You can do plenty of things. You can connect to xbox live and chat with friends, download games and videos, connect with friends and play a multiplayer game. You can get these little awards called achievements for every game that you buy when you play 'em and they up your gamerscore for you. You can create your own avatar and even play as you r avatar on some games.

What is girls go games?

What is girl go games........ On girl go games you can chat to your friends and play loads of fun games andd if you have your own account you can make highscores and make loads of cool stuff for your album.Also you can write comments on the games if you think it was good or boaring.You can make your own avatar (avatar means your own face) make your avatar cool or you can chose a cat avatar or there is free ones to chose from.Oh yeah and you can add friends.To add friends you look on the coment sign them you click on there names and you get your friends but sometimes it takes a while for them to say yes or no.You can get cool awards to like share with friends in games. LOOK OUT FOR ME I'M SHOPIECOOLCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))))))))

Where can one download cricket games online?

There are many places where one can download cricket games online. Information about where to get which cricket game can be found on the website cricket-games dot net.

Where can you download sims social an offline game for PC?

You Can't For These Reasons 1.It Uses Social Friends So There Is Coms In Game But It Uses Facebook Friends As Well 2.You Need Facebook And Facebook Is Always Online! And 3. Its Playfish Playfish = Online Games

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What are non download games were you create an avatar? it's a website where you can create an avatar, chat with friends, and play games too.

Can you give me some avatar chat games for free with no download?

Gaia online is one...

Where can you play free online avatar chat games with no download For ages 13 plus?


Are there any online avatar games for Vocaloid?

No there isn't any vocaloid online avatar games. But there is dress up games. I also wish for vocaloid online avatar games.

Are there any good games where you create your own avatar then chat online for free with no download?

Chapatiz Runescape, epic duel, Ps3 online...

What are other on-line games for teens like but with no downloads?

Are there any online games, that you don't have to download, around that you can create your own avatar ect.? Thanks!

Where can I find avatar games?

There are many websites you can go to, to find out about online avatar games. You can just search the web and it will take you to several avatar games online, and some of the websites allow you to create your own avatar in 3-D.

Any Avatar games for adults without download?


Where you can find free download games?

On it's Amazing . you can buy any avatar in the store play lots of games make new friends start a group!It's Great!!!

What is pixie hollow all about?

Pixie Hollow is an online world where you can create a virtual avatar, play mini games, compete in games with friends, participate in celebrations, and more.

What are some free avatar games?

Some good online avatar based games are Zwinky, Fantage and Second Life. Another good online avatar based game is Habbo.

Any avatar games where you can dress up your avatar and walk around and make friends?

Second life.