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It evolves when it learns Ancient Power.

Swinub evolves into Piloswine at level 33 and it can relearn Ancient Power with the Move Maniac in Pastoria City (make sure you have a Heart Scale). Level it up by 1 level and it will evolve in to Mamoswine.

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Q: On what level does Piloswine learn Ancientpower in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?
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What level does piloswine learn ancientpower in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokémon Pearl, Piloswine doesn't learn Ancientpower through gaining more levels, it learns it via the Move Relearner in Pastoria City.

What does pilwoslne evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

Level it up while it knows AncientPower, and Piloswine will evolve into Mamoswine.Glad I could try and help!

Where to get piloswine?

Wild Piloswine may be caught in Pokemon Platinum on Route 217 using the Pokeradar. In Diamond and Pearl, Piloswine must be evolved from Swinub.

Who teaches piloswine ancientpower?

Piloswine learns Ancientpower at level 1. This means that you have to use the Move Relearner to teach Piloswine Ancientpower. The move relearner is in the following places (note that you need to give 1 Heart Scale in all games):Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Pastoria CityHeartGold/SoulSilver- Blackthorn CityBlack/White- Mistralton CityI haven't included previous games because;I'm not sure where the Move relearner is (if there is one)Mamoswine is unobtainable in all previous games so there isn't any real need to teach it.Note: Piloswine can also learn Ancientpower by move tutor and by egg move.

How do you evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine in Pokemon Indigo?

Piloswine evolves when it learns Ancientpower however breeding is the only way for it to get the move in Diamond and Pearl but in Platinum, there's a Move Tutor in the Survival Area that'll teach Ancientpower if you give him 6 Red Shards and 2 Green Shards.

WHERE ISPoliswine on Pokemon Diamond?

Nowhere. You can only get Piloswine on Pokemon Diamond if it is traded through Pal Park from another game where it makes a natural appearanece. The same applies for Pokemon Pearl as well.

How does Piloswine evolve in Pokemon Silver?

It cant evolve in Pokemon silver, but it can it diamond/pearl. You just level it up when it knows ancient power. Then it evolves into Mamoswine.

When does tangela evolve?

It can evolve as early as Level 33 in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver but it needs to know the move AncientPower.

Where can you find a yanmega in Pokemon Diamond?

Yanma can sometimes be found on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City. You could also catch and evolve a yanma from HeartGold or SoulSilver (found on Route 35 during a swarm) and trade it over to your Pokemon Diamond version. Yanma evolves once it learns AncientPower. You can obtain yanma on Firered or Leafgreen version in Ruin valley and migrate it over to your Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum version have it learn AncientPower...and there you have it, you're very own yanmega.

What level does tangela evolve in Pokemon pearl?

it evolves by ancientpower

What are Dawn's new Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl?

These are the Pokémon that Dawn uses in future episodes and they are Piplup, Pachirisu, Buneary and Swinub who evolved to Piloswine and then to Mamoswine.

Can you evolve piloswine in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't because mamoswine was made in the 4th generation games diamond and pearl and platinum it never existed in leafgreen.