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If you are in the aquarium stage, the white balloon is on the side of the black fish with white polka dots. It's only on one of its sides so you have to watch it turn and stuff.

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Q: On ultimate spy where is the white balloon?
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Ultimate I Spy was created in 2008.

When did Ultimate I Spy happen?

Ultimate I Spy happened in 2008.

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it was the south

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The sock is on pages 8 and 9. It's to the right on page 9 next to that white bear.

Where is the travel balloon in spy island?

it is by the eating place

When was The White Balloon created?

The White Balloon was created in 1995.

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One of the two cats in the Wii game, Ultimate Spy, is on the card. The other is located near the cone of the backgammon board.

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it is next to the headquarters

In the I Spy Ultimate Challenger by Scholastic where is the dump truck wheel?

On page eight, left side by the ball with the white star, behind the chair legs.

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press space bar

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