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You go to "crafts" and see the things you need to make it, then you make it, go to her, and you'll get it.

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Q: On the sims 2 castaway for ds how do you get wooden instrument the girl on the other island wants you to make?
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On sims 2 castaway how Dow do i get to the secont island?

you have to build a boat.u can build the boat by clicking on the statues on the other side of the first island.

How do you get to the other beach on sims castaway?

For the 2nd island you need to build a raft and for the volcano island you need to build a canoe, so collect as many resources as you can!

Where is the mango on Sims 2 castaway ds?

Don't listen to the other gentleman. The mango tree can be found in the third island of Sims Castaway on ds. There is a big lake or pond and beside it is the mango tree.

How do you get to the other island on The Sims 3 Castaway on Nintendo DS?

To get to the second island you need to build a raft on pier beach. To get onto the third island you need to build a canoe on the east beach of the second island.

Where are all the map pieces in Sims 2 castaway?

Everywhere but there is 1 in the jungle and there are some on the other island which you build a canoe to get there xx

On the sims 2 castaway how do you get into the ancient door on the third island?

In order to open the door you have to get to the other beach and there is something there that you get to open the door

How do you get abducted by aliens on Sims 2 castaway?

You go to Crystal Island and send a SOS with the airplane radio (plane jungle, island 2) and the antenna (other part of the plane jungle island 2).

Where is the guy with the puzzle on time tangled island?

On the other side of the wooden statue in the Chinese place.

Where can you find a Blood orange on sims castaway Wii?

Its on the second island. if you go to some of the beaches there should be oranges and other food growing on trees.

Where is the radio and transmitter located on sims2 castaway for PS2?

The radio is located in the airplane jungle on the 2nd island the transmitter is by the other plane in the south river jungle

What Do you Do In Crystal Island In Sims 2 Castaway?

the only special thing i found there was fine sand which can be harvested to make glass. other than, that nothing i think...

Where is the other beach on sims 2 castaway for the wii?

i just completed that goal. it is on the 2nd part of the second island. you need to build a bridge across the chasm.