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that would be unkown the psychic type that has 28 different shapes that are letters of the alphabet

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Q: On the pokedex which Pokemon is no 114 on Pokemon Platinum?
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What is no 114 on Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

No. 114 on Pokemon Platinum Pokedex is Tangela.

What Pokemon is 114 in platinum pokedex?


What is number 114 in the Pokemon platinum pokedex?

It's Unown, it can be found at the Solaceon Ruins.

Who on Pokemon Platinum is 114 in the pokedex?

Pokémon 114 is Unown.

Were to see the Pokemon 114 on the pokedex on Pokemon platinum?

the great marsh

What is Pokemon is number 114 in the pokedex of Pokemon platinum?

Unown. In the solaceon ruins

Number 114 on Pokemon pearl pokedex?

Unown is pokémon number 114 in the Sinnoh (Pearl/Diamond/Platinum) pokédex.

What is Pokemon 114 on the Pokemon Pearl pokedex?

#114 in Pokemon pearls Sinnoh pokedex in Unown. But in the National pokedex it is Tangela.

In the pokedex in Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is 114?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex Number 114 is Mantine. In the National Pokedex its Kabutops.

What Pokemon is no 184 in pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

That pokemon is Azumarill in pokemon platinum in the national pokedex

What is Pokemon numbers 114 and 115 on the pokedex in Pokemon pearl?

114 = tangela 115 =kangaskhan i have my Pokemon POKEDEX book

In Pokemon platinum what is Pokemon 114 in the pokedex and where do you find it?

National Pokedex: Kabutops is the 114 Pokemon in pokedex. Evolve from Kabuto. Get Kabuto from Dome Fossil. Give Dome Fossil to guy in museum in Oreburgh City. Leave building. Go back in and talk to him. Sinnoh Pokedex: Mantine is the 114 Pokemon in pokedex. Evolve a Mantyke with a Remoraid in your party. Get Mantyke by surfing on route 223 he is also in a Trainer's party Pokemon on Route 218. Get remoraid by using a good rod on route 222. See it on a trainer on route 213.