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You have to eat apples and watermelons only and/or you could go to the aspiration ( you know where it says like never dull and stuff like that) get the fertility thing with the three pasifiers on it

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Q: On sims 3 how do you make them have twins?
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Can you have twins on the sims 3 ambitions?

yes, to make it more likely to happen then if you go into your sims rewards you can get a fertility treatment

How do you have boy girl twins on the sims 3 pets ps3?

How can I have boy girl twins on the sims 3 pets ps3

Can you have twin or triplets on the Sims 3 on the wii?

You can have children and twins on Sims 3.

How do you have 3 babies on the sims 2?

Unfortunately you can't have triplets on the Sims 2, although you can have twins using force twins.

How do you have babies on sims 3 on iPod touch?

You can have twins or a single baby but only on sims 3 ambition.

How do you make twins in sims 3?

It can happen by chance or you can use a cheat: SHIFT+CONTROL+C, then type forcetwins. My sims used the cheat once, then the second time they still had twins so be careful, because the guy can have a gene thing, that makes him have twins.

How does your sim get triplets?

on sims 3 have the fertility treatment on both the sims and then while they are showing make them listen to kids music or you will end up with twins if you do it wrong on sims 2 you will have to get a hack

Can you have twins in the sims 3 ambitions on iPod?


How do you have twins on sims 3 ambitions ipod?

You can't.

Can you have twins or triplets on Sims 3 for Wii?

No u can't

How do you get twins and not triplets in sims 3?

To get twins, you can use the cheat "forcetwins" in the cheat console after your sim is pregnant.

How do you have twins on sims 3 wii?

All you have to do is do whoohoo 2 times !