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you have have to be a member in order to use the other boxes

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2008-12-29 02:12:47
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Q: On runescape how do you use your other grand exchange boxes?
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Where can you buy a adamant halberd in RuneScape?

yes, in the grand exchange or from other players

Where can you get the steel picaxe on runescape?

You can buy it on the Grand Exchange, like most other items.

Were do you sell tiaras in runescape other than the grand exchange?

You can sell them to players but there is no shop in runescape that sells or buys tiras.

How do you unlock the other tabs in the grand exchange in runescape?

Hey. Im Level 104 on runescape now. ANd btw the grand exchnge thing is real easy i think you just need to get a higher level and then you are 'worthy' of all 6 boxes. umm hope i helped i also hope i didnt say something not right rofl. =D haha latersss <(0.0)>

How do you sell to other players in RuneScape?

Right click on their name to TRADE. Or you can use the Grand Exchange.

Where can you sell weapon poison in runescape?

The same place where you can buy and sell most things - the Grand Exchange or by an exchange with other players.

How do you advertise a clan on RuneScape?

Some ways you could advertise a clan in runescape would be to: 1. put a vexellum outside the grand exchange, or a other well traveled area. 2. Try to get peoples attention in the grand exchange 3. Put something in the runescape forums.

Where on runescape can you buy a fly fishing rod besides the grand exchange?

simple as this if you don't want to spend the money and time at the grand exchange you can simply buy from other players

Where to buy iban staff on RuneScape?

Try the Grand Exchange in Varrock. You could also ask other players.

How do you get full saradomin on Runescape?

Clue Scrolls, NPC drops, Grand Exchange, player trading and many other methods.

On runescape where can you buy a wizard outfit besides the grand exchange if your a free user?

From other players. Or kill a wizard. Why not the Grand Exchange its fast and easy and if those are to hard sit in the Stronghold Security and wait for a shade to drop it. :)

Runescape where are the nature runes?

You can find Nature runes by killing monsters, buying from other players, buying from the Grand Exchange, or making them yourself.

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