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All statues need to be facing in towards the compass on the floor. Then the ox (Luke) 90 degrees to the left, turn the lion (Mark) 90 degrees to the right, Turn the eagle (John) 180 degrees and turn the angel (Matthew) 180 degrees*

If you do it correctly, you will know and a bookcase will open, you will see a two torches on columns and you turn them upside down. Then a wall opens and it will lead you to an underground area with a waterfall. Save a gun because armed men with lasers are inside.

Now after you kill the guys wlk aroung in till you see lever?pulley thing and a door will open now you better watch out there are alot of me up there like25 watch out. I died twice.

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Q: On drakes fortune how do you do the statues on the sanctuary level?
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In the game uncharted drakes fortune how do you pass the level in the library?

I did it,but I forgot how. It has something to do with turning the statues that are in the wrong place a certain direction. Look in the journal, each picture has a name under it. On the opposite page, the names are written on the points of a compass. Look at the compass on the floor and turn each statue to face in the direction indicated in the journal.

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