On cp what puffles play what games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pink:aqua grabber Red:Catchin waves Purple:Dance contest

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Q: On cp what puffles play what games?
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Can your puffles have babies on cp?

yes they can

Do puffles come back when they go to the wild on cp?

No but you can just buy another. if you don't have the money just play a bunch of games till you have enough money.each puffle costs 800 coins.

How do you get a tracker on the top of the mountain on club penguin?

there's no way to get to the top of the mountain in cp you can get there when you play the mission ''the missiong puffles''

What games can red puffles play?

Catchin Waves

Can you get real puffles alive?

in real life no but in cp yes.

What can a blue puffle do on Club Penguin?

Blue puffles like to play with balls. It won't play any games like red, pink and purple puffles will.

You want money on cp but how?

Walk your puffle and play games.

On club penguin what does blue puffles like to do?

Blue puffles like to play with a ball, if that's what you wanted to know. If you wanted to know if the like going places and be in games, blue puffles can't do that.(Only pink,purple and red puffles can do that) Posted by:Lilly Scott

How do pink puffles play?

pink puffles skip

How do you operate a puffle washer on cp?

you can get a red puffle from the pet shop and click on it in your igloo and then press the ball :play with pet but sometimes any one of your puffles might just do it when they want

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have a cp?

Yes not! do u think he has time to play sill children games I mean hello hes an actor and does not have time do play cp IDIOT!

Can you have a baby puffles on cp?

you can not get baby puffles on club penguin. its as simple as that. my name on club penguin is Sammy Lou so if u see me say cheese pretsil so that i no that your talking to me.