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You prestige.

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Q: On call of duty 4 how do you change your rank picture?
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What rank is on Call of Duty 6?


How do you rank in Call of Duty 3?

you go to the grand cannon

What is mason's rank in Call of Duty Black Ops?


At what rank can you kick a player on call of duty world at war?

You could be any rank but you have to be host in the game.

How do you rank up on Call of Duty 3?

you can't. It doesn't have multiplayer

What is the highest rank in call of duty 6?

Level 70, Commander

What rank do you have to be to presige on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Level 50.

Can you rank up in split screen in call of duty black ops?


How do you know what rank your on in multiplayer on call of duty 7?

press select

What rank is Gaz on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

his rank is gaz he has no name too that's wat i no

How can the clan leader rank a call of duty elite clan up?

be a BAMF

Is there a cheat for call of duty world at war that makes your rank higher in multiplayer?