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You have to buy the pet of the month. For instance, this months pet of the month is the Pink Goggle. If I wanted pet of the month loot bag, I would have to go buy the Pink Google, and register it on Webkinz World.

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Q: On Webkinz World how do you get Pet of the Month stuff?
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In webkinz Can you still get the stuff for the pet of the month if you adopted it before the month it was the pet of the month?

Sorry, you can't.

When is the black poodle Webkinz going to be Webkinz pet of the month don't forget the year?

log into webkinz and then click on webkinz pets and stuff. it will tell you what this month's and next month's pets are.

How do you get pet of the month items on webkinz?

Well, My i found out myself that you have to bye the webkinz pet of the month in the month it is pet of the month! than you get a loot bag with great prizes in your mail box on webkinz world! bye

The pet of the month list on webkinz?

If you are asking where it is, it's in the 'Webkinz Pets and Stuff' tab in the Kinzville Newz.

How can you find out about the Webkinz of the month?

You can find out about the pet of the month by going to the front page and going up to webkinz pets and stuff, and click continue at the bottem of that thing, webkinz pets and stuff. then it will tell you about it and what this month is, and the next. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In webkinz if you already adopted the pet that will be pet of the month next month will you still get the stuff?

No because i did that and i didnt get anything for my pug the next month. I could only do things on the daily stuff. So sad no pet of the month sack for me.

What is the Webkinz pet of the month for the Webkinz foundation?

March's Webkinz foundation pet of the month is the Yorkie.

When will the pig in webkinz be the pet of the month?

they do not make ugly webkinz the pet of the month that is why

Which month is the pug pet of the month on webkinz?

When the pug was pet of the month for webkinz, it was November 2009.

Why does Webkinz have pet of the month?

I think Webkinz have Pet of the Month because they want you to buy more Webkinz.

What was the Webkinz Pet of the Month for May 2009?

The Webkinz "Pet of the Month" for 2009 was the Webkinz Cocker Spaniel.

What is the pet of the month for webkinz world of September?

September 2010's pet of the month is the Persian Cat.