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Well I think that just means to stop clicking and let go - Like the Sims 2 and Stuff.

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Q: On The sims 2 Castaway Stories when i buil a house red walls come up and flash how do i get rid of them?
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How do you delete walls in the Sims 2 Castaway?

go to tools then grab mode. pick up on of the walls and press 1 (for wii) and press delete!

How do you get home on sims 2 castaway?

Click on the map icon in the corner and theres a house in the corner click on the house and u will be home

In Sims 2 Castaway How Do You Delete A Cabin?

you cant delete the whole thing, you have to delete the walls and roofs 1 by 1

Which shelter is the best in sims 2 castaway?

If memory serves shelters are all the same as long long as you have a a roof and walls.

When was The House with a Clock in Its Walls created?

The House with a Clock in Its Walls was created in 1973.

How do you delete walls in the Sims 2 castaway for ps2?

In order to delete a wall in the Sims 2 Castaway for PS2 you must go into inventory mode. Once in inventory mode click on the wall you want to delete and you will be able to do so.

The yellow house has yellow walls. The blue house has blue wallsThe red house has red walls. What is the colour of the walls in the green house?

Still, i cannot tell you!

If a house has shiny walls will the heat reflect of the walls and stay in the house?

yes it will because it is shiny

Why did people began to draw on cave walls?

to tell stories

What is another name for interior house walls?

Partition walls.

What does A HOUSE always has?


Where is the amphitheatre located at on Sims castaway?

its at a turn off at either the external or internal of the llama temple. just follow the walls and see where the separate paths go.