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because im making a tycoon and i only want 1 person per spawn plz help =D

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Q: On Roblox how do you make a spawn which only 1 person is allowed on?
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How do you make a team spawn in roblox?

First, make sure tools is up. Go to game objects in the tools side bar. Click on any of the colored spawn points, not including gray. This will insert a team spawn point.

How do you make a teem on roblox?

Open Roblox Studios. Go to the game you what to put the teams in. Press EDIT. Then go to Insert Object Teams. Then put in a spawn.

How do you make a game on roblox that you start with a weapon?

First, open your place in the Roblox studio. Then open insert and find the desired weapon (some can be found under the tools tab). When you click it it will ask you if you want it put in the backpack, say yes. You will now spawn with the tool/weapon when you spawn.

How do you delete your floor for a place your building on roblox?

Go to "Workspace", find Baseplate, then right click it and hit cut but make sure you have a spawn.

How do you make your own person on roblox?

While on the Roblox website, go to "My Roblox". Then click on "My Character". There, you can change and edit your character.

How do you make a start point on Roblox?

First open the Roblox studio. Then click the insert tab. Click the selection box and scroll down to game objects. Finally, select a spawn point and insert it into the place.

How do you make teams in roblox?

To make teams on Roblox first open the place you want to add the teams to in Roblox Studio. Secondly, open the Insert window, go to game objects, and insert a spawn point of the color you want the team to be. Then go into the object browser and click on the teams folder. From here you can edit the properties of the teams such as it's name.

Are you allowed to make more than 1 roblox on 1 computer?

Well yes most people do

How do you build a obby in roblox?

Make it fun, lava, people, climbing things, spawns you can change the colour in the properties, make everyone not to spawn on random ones, and make them that you can stand on them, obbys don't always have to need to be scripted.

How do you make NPCs talk on Roblox?

Make the person,right-click them in the tab on Roblox Studio,click Insert,and select Dialog.Then,type in the words you want them to say!

How do you become admin for your own place on roblox?

by adding hd admin on roblox studio i did -_-

Who is Matt dusek?

He is the first person to make friends with builderman and telamon on roblox.