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follow Cyrus to mt.corenet

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Q: On Pokemon platinum what do you do after you freed the lake guardians?
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What is the first lake in Pokemon platinum?

lake acuity

How do you get to the distortion world on Pokemon Platinum?

Make sure you freed the lake Pokemon and battled Cyrus in the team galactic building in Veilstone city. The rest you find out. I can't give you the answer because this would be a cheat, and not a answer

How do you get one of the lake Pokemon if you have killed them on Pokemon platinum?

You don't

What kind of Pokemon live in lake verity in Pokemon platinum?

fire-type pokemon.

Where is mesprit in Pokemon platinum?

it's in lake verity

Where is lake acuity in Pokemon platinum?

by snowpoint city.

In Pokemon platinum where is lake Valor?

Lake Valor is the big lake above Pastoria city.

How do you get a teddyursa?

You will need to insert Pokemon Emerald then go to Route 221 or Lake Acuity/Verity (Lake Verity in Platinum only) to find it in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Pokemon Platinum where is the lake of rage?

There isn't a Lake of Rage in Pokemon Platinum. But in the Resort Area, there is a place similar. It is that big Lake in the middle. Down part is, only Magikarp lv. 1-100 can be found there.

Pokemon Platinum how to get teddy ursa?

If you have Pokemon Emerald in your GBA Slot (this also works for Pokemon Pearl and Diamond) Pokemon Platinum- Route 217, Lake Acuity Pokemon Diamond & Pearl- Route 217, Acuity Lakefront, Lake Acuity

How do you get a feebas in Pokemon platinum?

theres a hidden lake in mt.cornet

How Do you Get A Feebas On Pokemon Platinum?

its in a lake in mt.cornet, its where all the fog is.