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you have to have rock climb to go all the way to the left then use rock climb and go to the right all the way and use rock climb again

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Q: On Pokemon platinum how do you get the 2 pokeballs next to the girl whos lost her keys suit?
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What do you do with the Suite Key?

If you have found the Suite Key first, take it to the blonde girl in Route 213, who is looking for her keys to the hotel. She'll reward you a Lava Cookie. (White Flute in Pokemon Platinum)

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The woman has accidentally dropped her keys near the reception counter-which is the building in front of the beach- and you have to use the Poketch app Finder to find the keys.

What is the suite keys item number on Pokemon pearl?

the keys when given to the girl are taken and you can come in. she will give you some thing.find it biured near the recption outside

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You must have the Downsing app for your poketech. u must use it to find it. it will be by the exit of the first hotel from, route 213, or south.

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