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21. He will then battle you. (He is your "friend"'s father).

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Q: On Pokemon pearl how many wins do you have to complete to get to the tycoon palmer?
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Do you have to do single or double battles to fight tower tycoon Palmer in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

You have to do single battles

When do you battle the tower tycoon Palmer a second time in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Get a 48 wining streak.

On Pokemon dp Palmer the tower tycoon says that he new your players dad do you ever meet your dad in the game?

No!Palmer is your Rival pearl's dad.After you battle him and get to stark mountain there will be no storyline left.

When do you battle the tower tycoon Palmer a first time in Pokemon pearl?

after you defeat 20 people in a row at the battle tower he is the 21st one u face

In Pokemon pearl's battle frontier is palmer the only frontier brain you can vs?


Do you need Giratina to complete Pokemon pearl?


How do you complete the pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to see every Pokemon in the sinnoh region.

How do you get on the boat in snowpoint city on Pokemon pearl?

You need to complete the Pokemon league

How do you complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

From what i know you complete Pokemon diamond and pearl by getting all the gym badges, beating the elite four and completing the pokedex. But im not sure if you have to catch all the Pokemon.

What is the tower tycoon's Pokemon on Pokemon pearl in the Pokémon's battle tower?

21st consecutive Milotic Rhyperior Dragonite 49th consecutive Heatran Regigigas Cresselia

How do you get a national pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to complete the first pokedex

How do you get a poke radar Pokemon pearl?

complete the sinnoh pokedex