On Petz 5 can your Petz die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, they won't die, but they may run away from home if they are ignored for an extended period of time. If u don't want them to run away, u should get Petz A at Sherlock U can make sure that ur dogs don't run away.

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Q: On Petz 5 can your Petz die?
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Where can you get the paint can in petz 5?

You can,*download itor*win it at a game on petz 5( i also have petz 5 )

Where to download petz 5?

Sorry to say but, you cant download petz 5 you have to buy it ( i have petz 5 and i needed to buy it )

Where can you buy petz 5?

you can buy petz 5 in gamestop and target

Are self-made toyz on petz 5 safe?

NEVERMIND. I am thinking of quitting Petz 5 COMPLETELY and so I will no longer answer your Petz 5 questions.

How tall is Forrest Petz?

Forrest Petz is 5' 9".

Do monkeys die on Petz Monkeyz?

no they do not die

Where can you get flying animals for Petz 5?

TRY minibytes petz archive carolynes creations or if u type in petz 5 flying animals download it might come up

Petz 5 cheats?

Petz 5 does not have any cheats. You can, however, unlock special toys and other accessories for your pet.

Will there be or is there a petz 6 computer game or does it just stop at petz 5?

There will be no official "Petz 6", because after Petz 5 Ubi Soft stopped making the Petz games in their traditional style and began making the newer Petz games. - Ari ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- there will not be a petz 6 because Ubi Soft was being dumb and decided to make petz a different way and not continue the original ones. and the new ones suck. bad. So boo you Ubi Soft! >:(

How do you dounload petz 5?

You have to have the disk

Where is the toy closet in petz 5?

Sorry, there is no toy closet in Petz 5. You have to find or win stuff. And some stuff is only available in Catz 5 or Dogz 5.

How do you buy stuff on Petz 5?

this is boring