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3rd person Team tactical.

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Q: On MW2 how do you go into third person mode?
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How do you go into 3rd person mode in MW2?

Um I think there is a game play that it is called "Third Person Cage Match":)

What website can you download god mode on mw2 on ps3?

go to insert a usb port save one onto the port put it in you game system go to you mw2 data save it onto the mw2 data and go on mw2 and it should work. ( ):)

How do you prestige in mw2?

Get to level 70 then go to barracks and pick prestige mode

How do you prestege in MW2?

Once you get to level 70 go to Barracks and select Prestige Mode.

How do you switch to third person mode in battlefield three for ps3?

You press R3 to change to third person, pressing it again you can go back to first person (you can only switch when your in a vehicle).

How do you get third person on modern warfare 2 ps3?

In Multiplayer, go to find game and go to 3rd person team tactical. It has a range of gametypes in 3rd person mode.

How do you get 1st prestige on MW2 ps3?

get to level 70, then go on barracks and it'll say prestige mode, click on it

How do you 10 prestige on MW2?

u have to level all the way up to level 70 and then go into barracks and select prestige mode.

Call of Duty MW2 error on windows 7?

try this : right click on mw2 icon, click properties, go to compatibility tab , check run program in compatibility mode for ( should be on windows xp service pack 3)

How do you prestige in mw2 if you've already filled up the bar on your first level 70?

Go to the Barracks, and there should be a Prestige Mode there that was not highlighted previously. Select it and confirm.

What is the highest level in COD6 MW2?

The highest level you can achieve is Level 70. Prestige 10. Prestige by getting to lvl 70 then go to barracks and click prestige mode

How do you get friends in Nintendo dogs?

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