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When you connect to Wi-Fi via the Wi-Fi connection in Aniaml Crossing Wild World, you first must have a friend code registered in your DS from another friend who has Animal Crossing Wild World. Then, when you both connect to Wi-Fi around the same time, you can play with each other through Wi-Fi without having to be within 150 feet of each other.

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Q: On Animal Crossing wild world what do you do on Wi-Fi connection?
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How do you get the lovely phone on animal crossing wild world?

You have to do Wifi connection and get it from Kaitlin.

How do you grt a phone on animal crossing wild world without doing wifi connection?

You can't get a phone in Wild World... there are no phones, except the one in your attic. And that doesn't require a connection.

Connecting 2 ds consoles in Animal Crossing?

Nintendo Wifi connection. That is all that is possible.

How do you get friend code on animal crossing without a WEP?

You can't. You have to have a stable WiFi connection to get a friend code.

How do you get your friendship code on animal crossing wild world?

You have to log into wifi.

How do you get an animal crossing wild world ID?

Edit you're wifi settings

How do you get friend code animal crossing wild world?

talk to cooper. u need wifi

Are there pictures of Animal Crossing wild world's Animal Crossing island?

No sorry there isn't. The only map of the island is the map you use to find your way around the island. Do you have a friend code for animal crossing?yeah mine is :287919684764 ok byeeee from sazzieResponse:Hey just wondering how do you find out your friend code? And where do you find it please respond and I'll add your friend code.-----Go to the gate, and talk to Copper (Right) He will give you your friend code, but you have to have Wifi connection where you are to be able to get it.Well can you tell me what Wifi connection is? I don't understand it very well and how to make a connection. Thank you for answering my question. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

How do you get your WiFi to work on Animal Crossing wild world for DS?

Hope It Works PS:type in can you get a bf or gf on animal crossing wild world and if u see some one named E that's me.

Can villagers in animal crossing wild world move to another town during wifi?

Yes i know as I was really annoyed

Can i play animal crossing with my friend over wifi eventhough i don't have the game?


Can blanckica come to your town on animal crossing wild world?

Yeah, she is triggered to Nintendo wifi, so if you connect, thne unconnect, she will be in you're town.