Non pu es sere vero scherzo?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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I can not understand your english....Me no comprehenda.

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Q: Non pu es sere vero scherzo?
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How do you say she's mine in Spanish?

Translated to: "Él es guapo." "Guapo" is pronounced "wha-po".

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It means, "No, you are."

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The sentence 'Oh non, tu es fou' means Oh no, you're crazy. In the word-by-word translation, the interjection 'oh non' means 'oh no'. The personal pronoun 'tu' means 'you'. The verb 'es' means '[you] are'. And the adjective 'fou' means 'crazy'.

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For one masculine person or object: Es non solus For one feminine person or object: Es non sola For multiple masculine people or objects: Estis non soli For multiple feminine people or objects: Estis non solae For multiple feminine and masculine things, use the multiple masculine one. For one neuter object: Es non solum For two or more: Estis non sola

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Her response was a non sequitur to the topic we were discussing, as it seemed unrelated and did not follow logically from the conversation.

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nex est non terminus.=death is not the end

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non je pense pas puisque il es fils a maman

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