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Patched Denim Jacket

  • Green Layered T-Shirt
  • Purple Layered T-Shirt
  • Jeans

Glass Slippers

  • Funky Girl Glasses
  • Ruby Slippers
  • Princess Hat

Cowgirl Dress

  • Cowboy Hat
  • Cow Poke Top
  • Smocked Sundress

Wizard's Apprentice Robe

  • Academy Sweater
  • Tuxedo Pants
  • Wizard's Hat

Toy Soldier Coat

  • Captain Dogbeard's Coat
  • Mod Jacket
  • Red Sneakers


  • White Jeans
  • Kinzville Academy Skirt
  • Flip Flops

Toy Soldier Hat

  • Party Hat
  • Funky Plaid Hat
  • Dude Hat

Tie Dye Top

  • Purple Pajama Top
  • Blue and Yellow Fleece
  • Flower Power Swimsuit Top

Sparkly Silver Suit Pants

  • Tan Suit Pants
  • Sparkly Pink Bow
  • Tuxedo Shoes
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Q: New cheats for the webkinz clothing machine?
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What are the new webkinz clothing machine recipes?

Strawberry hat: green layred tee eurpeon flare shades red bow Prismatic dress: dude hat flower power suit top wide tan pants

What new things are going to come out on webkinz?

Well, There is going to be a new Clothing Machine or Kinzstyle Outlet, New webkinz, E-store items/pets such as hot tubs. Don't forget seasonal themes like the Halloween and Christmas ones.

What is Coming out in webkinz soon?

New Webkinz Clothing, Webkinz Chicken, Webkinz lil' kinz mouse, Webkinz Pink Google and a Webkinz Love kitten.

How many new webkinz clothing machine items are there?

there are 9 that have been figured out. Although 3 of those 9 are the gak ( patchwork top, shirt, and pants)

What dresses can you make on the webkinz clothing machine?

Yeah you can make one dress on on Webkinz with the Clothing Machine. You can only make the cowgirl dress with the blue sundress, cow poke top, and the cow boy hat. You can also make a new cute outfit by getting the Cow Boy theme items for your pet! That's what I did to make my pet the most styling pet around!

What can you make in the Webkinz clothing machine?

You can make many things, like the cowgirl dress, a tie die top, sparkly pants, glass slippers and many more! For more information, follow the related link below. Webkinz has just relased 5 brand new clothing machime items, in July 2010. For more information, google your question and you will surely find the answer somewhere.

You hate trading on webkinz but you want good stuff without spending money How do you get good stuff without spending much money?

As of 10-20-09 they have a new Kinz Store outlet where you can find everything in the W shop for less you can also put in 3 clothing objects into the clothing machine and a cool new shirt,pants,skirt,or hat will appear in a new design

What are the clothing recipes for unknown clothing recipes?

You may want to look it up on Webkinz forums. I've looked to many times, but there are new forums every day.

How do i register my pet?

Your new pet will have a card on it. You can cut the blue string and get the card out. After you do that open the card and on the right side there will be your code. Log on to and click on New member (It's right below log in). Then it will show up as Mrs. Birdy after that turn the volume up and she will tell you what to do from there. P.S don't use webkinz cheats they don't work and if webkinz catches you your webkinz account will be deleted and you will have to buy new webkinz you can't renew your webkinz codes

How do you make the fairy princess ball gown on webkinz clothing machine?

I've been trying ALL DAY to figure it out. If no one in Webkinz world that's heard of Google has it posted, then I don't think you can make it yet. Keep checking the new clothes in the Kinz-Style Outlet, because a new item mixed with other things will probably make it. Good Luck Kinz-Friend!

How do you make Webkinz close in the kinzstyle?

You can't make webkinz clothes in the KinzStyle store. When you buy a piece of clothing that is Kinzstyle you get a bag put in your dock and drag it up to your room and something will come up and you can buy the clothing....not make it. That is what i new when i had a Kinzstyle bag.....but it might of changed

Do you have any pictures of the beaver webkinz?

i don't have a picture but go on google then type new webkinz then it will say upcoming webkinz, new webkinz , future webkinz